Discover your Life Purpose with a Soul Plan Reading


Did You Know? Before we take birth into this wonderful world, our soul charts out a plan for us. Each one of us is born for a purpose, and with it, our soul already maps out certain challenges, talents, lessons and goals, both worldly and spiritual, that we must overcome in order to grow as a soul.

So how does this translate to your life right now?
Whether we know it or not, we are all on a path towards fulfilling our Soul’s Plan. When we run away from our purpose, we experience numerous difficulties. When we embrace our purpose, we live in harmony with the universe and things fall into place. 
Empower yourself with the knowledge of your Soul’s Divine Plan
The Soul Plan Reading has its roots in the ancient Hebrew Gematria. In the second half of the last century a new set of interpretations under the title “Numerology of Moses” were channelled by the visionary Frank Alper. In the current format Blue Marsden, founder of the Holistic Healing College, has channelled additional material and added new interpretations to the original bringing a relevant and modern rendition to this art and science.
I recently received my international certification for Soul Plan Readings from the Holistic Healing College in UK! For the first time in India, you can avail of this unique reading that helps you align with your soul’s true purpose!

A Soul Plan reading is an in-depth exploration of:

  • Your challenges – both worldly (physical) and spiritual
  • Your goals – both worldly (physical) and spiritual 
  • Your talents – both worldly (physical) and spiritual
  • Your Soul Destiny
This brings you closer to:
  • Understanding your Life’s Purpose
  • Understanding your Soul’s Plan and Destiny 
  • Acknowledging your Limiting Beliefs
  • Identifying Under-serving Patterns and Beliefs 
  • An overview of your Challenges and Guidance on how to overcome them
  • An overview of the Goals your Soul has planned for your Growth 
  • Overall Clarity on the reason why you are here, and how you can share your gift with the world
  • Clarity and Guidance on how to overcome challenges and nurture talents to embrace your Soul’s true purpose
How can one know all of this information?
The Soul Plan Reading is translated from the sound vibration of your original name at birth. This sound of your name produces a set of frequencies (or numbers and symbols) which are placed around the Star of Creation in various positions. Each position has a special significance, and information that’s relevant to you for each position on the star will be interpreted during the reading. 

A reading looks at both the worldly, or physical aspects of your life, as well as the spiritual, and takes into account any patterns or dominant vibrations that influence your life.

More Details on the Soul Plan Reading
Each reading lasts for one hour. One hour of pre-reading work is required by the healer, wherein your chart will be created with a lot of attention to detail, and one hour is spent with the client, interpreting and explaining the chart and taking the client through the entire reading.
I am so thrilled to be introducing the Soul Plan Reading for the first time in India!
The reading is an empowering experience and is definitely one I would recommend if you are looking to learn more about your Life Purpose and Soul Destiny.
Moreover, it offers perspective on what our larger purpose in life is, and how we can rise above all challenges to nurture our talents and live life to our fullest potential!
To book a Soul Plan Reading or to learn more, please get in touch with me:
 +91 99-30-071-962 

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