Awaken Your Inner Goddess – Workshop Alert!


All human beings are made up of two facets of energy: Divine Masculine, and the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is the Goddess Energy within. Also known as inner Shakti, this Goddess energy lies dormant within each of us. When harnessed properly, this energy has the power to transform your life!

In Part 2 of my powerful workshop series ‘Awakening the Inner Goddess’, we will study:

  • Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth, Health & Prosperity
  • Saraswati – Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, Arts & Learning
  • Radha – Goddess representing the Soul
  • Brigid – Celtic Goddess represented by Fire and the Sun

By conceptually studying all these Goddesses and learning how to connect with them and awaken the inner Goddess within you, you will have all the tools you need to transform your life so as to create more abundance, happiness and joy in every aspect of your life (finances, career, relationships, health).

indian-goddess-1762924_960_720.jpg   Joan_of_Arc_miniature_graded.jpg

We all contain a little piece of the Goddess within us. You can access this power to awaken and transform you!

This workshop is designed to be conducted remotely and will be conducted through Whatsapp/email and can be attended from anywhere in the world!

To register, please get in touch:  or call +91 99-30-071-962


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