Oils are the perfect tools that can help shift your energy quickly & almost instantaneously. They can help raise your vibration, and depending on what area of your life you’d like to focus on ie. love, prosperity or protection, they are calibrated differently. Oils are most effective when used with a strong intention. To know more about the range of oils, which come along with a crystal and card, contact



The new special hand-made Angel Energy Sprays are created to clear negative energy and bring about a sense of well-being in your home or work space. Available in two varieties:
> Archangel Michael’s Energetic Cleansing Spray – with a focus on Protection
> Archangel Raphael’s Energetic Cleansing Spray – with a focus on Health and Well-Being!


Excited to introduce to you the new Prosperity Box which comes with a collection of Crystals, Money Oil, Gomti Chakras, Energy Circle, Affirmation & more – all calibrated to enhance prosperity and abundance!