4 Powerful Goddesses. 1 Workshop. Numerous Transformations!


So overwhelmed with the WONDERFUL words of appreciation that have poured in for the first part of my “Awakening the Inner Goddess” workshop. 

Read the testimonials for yourself to know how powerful the Goddess energy truly is:

“Conversation with Goddesses is clear now”

“Very simple and clear method of meditation. I was into prayer to Goddess Durga but now I am able to connect. And its like you have shown a path. Grateful”

“I’ve done all meditations. Feeling calm, peaceful and so much of inner strength. Connected well, energy and vibrations were very powerful. Lot of healing took place. Thank you so much”

“After today’s meditation, I was in a complete blissful state. I felt so much love that I did not want to come back. Tears kept rolling down through the meditation. It was such a wonderful experience. I am feeling good, thank you so much!”

“These meditations are very simple and short but they are very powerful. Just in 6 days there is so much transformation in me. Inner Strength.”

“Have known about Navratri for years but this was a truly evolved and enlightening experience to connect with the Goddess energy. Blissful! Looking forward to the other 3 ahead.”

“Thanks so much Seemaa for the guidance into the spiritual world. It was an amazing experience”

“Thank you so much for visualizing and presenting the workshop in such a wonderful way. The meditations were very powerful. I am in gratitude to you for opening this door to me. God bless!”

“Lots of releasing, learning and action. Truly enjoyed the first segment. Looking forward to the others! In gratitude.”

“Very comforting, soothing and got the opportunity to relate to the qualities within us which we may have never felt or understood. Thank you so much. God has made you the medium for awakening us. You have always been a source of inspiration for me. In gratitude to the Almighty and to you”

Thank you so much for the kind words! ❤

Love, light and so much gratitude!



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