How Do You Know If Your Space Needs Cleansing?



When you cleanse a space, you are also cleansing your mind, body and spirit. Space Cleansing is applicable to your home, as well as to your workspace.

Here are some situations that call for a Space-Cleanse:

Home Cleansing can be beneficial when:

>  You purchase a new home

  >  Your house is not getting sold

  >   You want to improve your health

 >   You want to attract new business

  >   You want to manifest your desires

  >  You want to move any stuck or negative energy

  >  You’re having difficulty sleeping and having night-mares

  >  You are feeling fearful and exhausted at home

  >  There has been sickness in the family

  >  There has been tension or argument in the space


Business Cleansing can be beneficial when:-

  >  There is a reduction in cash flow

  >  There is a lack of creativity

  >  Business is for sale

   > Employees are not working properly

  >  There has been tension or argument in the space

   > There has been a change of work space


Cleansing your space is about valuing yourself. When you do not care about yourself, your space reflects that. You will be learning different practices and different tools to cleanse your space and how to use different elements water, air, earth and fire to cleanse your space.


What does it take to infuse your home with positive vibrations?

Find out in the new Space Cleansing Magick workshop. Details here: (


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