New Workshop – Space Cleansing Magick!


Our homes mirror us. They reflect our spirit, passion, interest and beliefs.

Our homes are a place of recharging and renewing ourselves.

They are places of healing and regeneration.

We should infuse our homes with positive vibrations. How?

A new workshop on Space Cleansing Magick focuses on getting you in touch with the energy in your home. This new workshop will guide you on how to get in touch with the energy in your home, and work with it to transform it effectively.

Two essential points to keep in mind:

Everything is made up of energy

& Everything is connected


We can apply these principles to your home & office space, under our home cleansing and business cleansing, both of which fall under this workshop.

Our homes are our extensions and reflections and we are not separate from it. This workshop will bring about an understanding that your home is an energy that has consciousness, and you can communicate with this energy so that you are able to create a life that is balanced and harmonious.


When you cleanse your home or your workspace, you are also cleansing your mind, body and spirit.

The new Space Cleansing Magick workshop will cover:

  • Introduction – the what, why, when and how of space cleansing
  • Connecting, scanning and understanding the energies of space
  • Symptoms of stuck/congested energies in spaces
  • Internal and external clutter clearing
  • Sensing the energies of space
  • Learning to make cleansing and harmonizing spray
  • Symbols
  • Mantras and Chants that help
  • Meditations
  • Essential aids to cleansing, including the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water

Cleansing space allows you to experience increased energyhappiness, harmony, health, clarity and this will increase your ability to manifest your desires and bring about the best possible conditions in your life.


The workshop begins on the 15th May, and is 8 days long.

This will be conducted through Whatsapp/e-mail and can be attended from anywhere in the world. Notes will be shared through email.

To register, or know more, email or call 99300-71962


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