Meet Archangel Raphael – #AngelofTheMonth



We all know that an Angel is a being of pure light. Angels are spiritual beings of divine light, and messengers and helpers of God.

We continue our series on Angel of the Month by featuring Archangel Raphael.
Who is Archangel Raphael?
Archangel Raphael is the Supreme Angel of Healing. His name implies ‘God heals the soul’.
What does he look/feel like?
Although angels don’t have a physical form, Raphael often has a greenish glow and is accompanied by green flashing lights. He has a soothing presence, and often brings great relief to physical and emotional ailments.
What are the colours he is associated with?
Emerald Green
What is his gift?
Rapheal’s gift is the gift of healing, for people and animals.
In divine spiritual truth, we are always healthy. If at all we find ourselves misaligned with this truth, calling on Raphael helps manifest the cure for our ailment, and helps us heal.
Archangel Raphael heals emotions, as well as physical manifestation of those emotions, often in the form of ill-health or disease.
Raphael helps alleviate emotional fears, phobias, anxieties, as well as physical pain. He also helps clear out anger and resentment, heals a grieving heart, and helps overcome a disappointment, relationship break-up, or any setback that has an emotional effect on us.
There have been countless stories of miraculous healing from illness and disease. When all else wasn’t working, many people called on this mighty Archangel and saw magical results of diseases being cured and pain being relieved.
Calling in Archangel Raphael for Healing

To connect with Raphael, visualize a thick beam of green healing light coming down from the heavens and illuminating the area of your body that you need to be healed. Request Archangel Raphael to make himself present, and to help heal or cure whatever it is that you are suffering from.



Prayer to dissolve fear with Archangel Raphael
Like other angels, Raphael needs the call for help from you in order to help. Because God gave us Free Will, the Angelic realm cannot interfere with out day-to-day lives unless we ask for their help.
Say this prayer when you feel fearful and need assistance alleviating your anxiety.
“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for dissolving the fear related to my past and present experiences with [describe the object of fear]. I ask that you help me feel peaceful and safe in these circumstances, with the knowledge that you are always with me.”




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