A Glimpse Into Your Journey in 2018!

2018 is right around the corner! I can say that while the year is going to treat everyone differently, it is going to be a pivotal year with some big shifts coming along, propelling us forward, full speed, into what’s lined up for us.
Every year is a gift to us, and 2018 is going to be no different. Find out how you can best approach this gift in 2018 with a Personalized Annual Reading from me!
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Using a combination of Numerology, Oracle Cards and Intuitive Sensing, the Personalized Annual Reading will contain:
  • A summary of the probability of certain events playing out over the course of the year
  • A summary of the challenges that you will likely be faced with
  • A summary of what strengths you can play up on in order to make the most of the events of the year
  • Personal Switchwords/ Numerical Frequencies that would be most powerful for you
  • Suggestion of Crystals that you can carry with you to amplify the positive aspects of your world
  • Special Channeled Message for you!
This extensive Annual Reading Report will be shared with you on email. It will serve as a roadmap to help guide you during 2018, and will give you a sense of how to connect with your higher self in order to be in a better position to face what the year will have in store for you!
To book your Annual Reading with me, please contact me on  99300-71962 or seemaadhingra@gmail.com.
Love and Light,

Transform Your Life with Self-Love!


Did you know that all our relationships with other people are a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves? Did you know that more often than not, the most neglected relationship that we have is with ourself?
When you are truly able to absorb the implications of this statement, you will realize the immense power that Self-Love has on each and ever aspect of our life. The key to great relationships and true joy in every aspect of life lies in loving yourself.
When you are truly able to love and accept yourself for everything in your life, you take responsibility for your actions and learn that you do have control over your karma. When you realize that you deserve all things good, you will open yourself to receiving more. When you realize that you are truly worthy, the Universe starts delivering the best of everything to you. It all begins with loving and accepting the person you see in the mirror.
But how does self-love work? What does it constitute? How can one practice it, and how exactly will it help transform my life?
If all these questions ignite a curiosity and interest in you, I am certain that you will enjoy my upcoming Self-Love Workshop!
The workshop will cover:
  • Techniques to increase your relationship with yourself
  • Daily activities to help boost self-esteem and self-love
  • Meditation to help boost self-love
  • Affirmations that can be used to restore a healthy sense of self!
  • & Lots more, geared towards helping you accept, love and embrace the beauty within so that you can manifest beauty in your world!

The workshop is conducted on WhatsApp and can be attended from anywhere in the world!

Start date: 6th November, 2017
Duration: 6 Days
To register/ know more, contact: seemaadhingra@gmail.com/ +91 99300-71962

Happy Diwali!

Everything in this world follows the principle of Duality. 
Night and Day. Good and Evil. Light and Dark. Happiness and Pain. 
In order to experience anything positive, there is always something negative that helps us differentiate between the two polar opposites. In fact, nothing in this universe exists without a dual component that’s usually its polar opposite.

Our shadow is that part of ourselves that we can’t see – that which is out of our view. And yet, it is our light and our shadow together that make up our whole, true selves. 

This “dark side” of our personality consists of the more negative manifestations of emotions – such as anger, rage, greed, envy and selfishness. We all have a dark side.
There is an old saying that goes: whatever qualities we deny in ourselves, we see in others.
So if your experiences are making you feel angry with someone else, it may be because you have repressed all this anger within yourself. If you feel you are attracting situations where you feel others are envious of you, perhaps it is because you have repressed this feeling somehow within yourself. If you see others and judge them for being a certain way, maybe you need to look within and see where the judgement comes from – for we tend to project onto others the feelings that we repress within ourselves. 
A powerful exercise is to take inventory of your own dark side – only once you acknowledge its existence can you do something to get rid of it and bring more light.
This Diwali, bring in more light into your life. But first, you must acknowledge the dark, so that you can transform it into more light.
Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

Archangel Ariel – #AngelOfTheMonth!

We all know that an Angel is a being of pure light. Angels are spiritual beings of divine light, and messengers and helpers of God.
This month, in light of Diwali, we continue our series on Angel of the Month by featuring Archangel Ariel!
Who is Archangel Ariel?
Archangel Ariel is the Angel of Prosperity. He deals with instant manifestation of abundance, as long as it supports the highest will of the Divine, as well as your life purpose. 
When can I connect with Archangel Ariel?
Archangel Ariel helps bring to you that which increases your prosperity. This could mean – finding a job, starting a business, or simply remembering that you are worth the financial abundance that you need and want. Archangel Ariel helps receive financial abundance from known and unknown sources, so in order to increase your wealth, call on Archangel Ariel. When you sincerely connect with this powerful Archangel and follow the guidance he gives you, you can expect swift changes to occur! 
What crystal or gemstone is he associated with?
Ariel is associated with Rose Quartz, which is a typical heart chakra stone. Because receiving has so much to do with the heart chakra, using the Rose Quartz crystal for healing work helps increase self-worth, which in turn attracts more abundance because you automatically believe that you are worthy of the best.
Prayer to connect with Archangel Ariel:

Introducing our Prosperous Diwali Contest!


This Diwali, you have a chance to win our Prosperity Box!

This box is filled with carefully curated items like healing crystals, home made money oil, affirmations and symbols – all combined with the purpose to boost prosperity in your home or work space.

Follow the directions to enter below –

1) Make sure that you are following @sdholistichealing on Instagram

2) Tag 3 or more friends in this post (the more friends you tag, the higher your chances of winning!) 3) Answer this question – “What does Prosperity mean to you?” Reply as a comment to this post, also using the hashtag #ProsperousDiwali 2 Lucky winners who give the best answers and tag the maximum number of people will be announced on the 15th of October, so hurry up and enter! We wish you all the very best ✨

*Please note – entries must be from Mumbai only.