A Glimpse Into Your Journey in 2018!

2018 is right around the corner! I can say that while the year is going to treat everyone differently, it is going to be a pivotal year with some big shifts coming along, propelling us forward, full speed, into what’s lined up for us.
Every year is a gift to us, and 2018 is going to be no different. Find out how you can best approach this gift in 2018 with a Personalized Annual Reading from me!
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Using a combination of Numerology, Oracle Cards and Intuitive Sensing, the Personalized Annual Reading will contain:
  • A summary of the probability of certain events playing out over the course of the year
  • A summary of the challenges that you will likely be faced with
  • A summary of what strengths you can play up on in order to make the most of the events of the year
  • Personal Switchwords/ Numerical Frequencies that would be most powerful for you
  • Suggestion of Crystals that you can carry with you to amplify the positive aspects of your world
  • Special Channeled Message for you!
This extensive Annual Reading Report will be shared with you on email. It will serve as a roadmap to help guide you during 2018, and will give you a sense of how to connect with your higher self in order to be in a better position to face what the year will have in store for you!
To book your Annual Reading with me, please contact me on  99300-71962 or seemaadhingra@gmail.com.
Love and Light,

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