Happy Diwali!

Everything in this world follows the principle of Duality. 
Night and Day. Good and Evil. Light and Dark. Happiness and Pain. 
In order to experience anything positive, there is always something negative that helps us differentiate between the two polar opposites. In fact, nothing in this universe exists without a dual component that’s usually its polar opposite.

Our shadow is that part of ourselves that we can’t see – that which is out of our view. And yet, it is our light and our shadow together that make up our whole, true selves. 

This “dark side” of our personality consists of the more negative manifestations of emotions – such as anger, rage, greed, envy and selfishness. We all have a dark side.
There is an old saying that goes: whatever qualities we deny in ourselves, we see in others.
So if your experiences are making you feel angry with someone else, it may be because you have repressed all this anger within yourself. If you feel you are attracting situations where you feel others are envious of you, perhaps it is because you have repressed this feeling somehow within yourself. If you see others and judge them for being a certain way, maybe you need to look within and see where the judgement comes from – for we tend to project onto others the feelings that we repress within ourselves. 
A powerful exercise is to take inventory of your own dark side – only once you acknowledge its existence can you do something to get rid of it and bring more light.
This Diwali, bring in more light into your life. But first, you must acknowledge the dark, so that you can transform it into more light.
Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

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