Align with the Energies of the Moon!

From the beginning of time, humans have lived in harmony with nature and have used the rhythms of the universe to manifest peaceful, happy lives. Each cycle of the moon represents a cycle of rising and falling energy.

All the celestial bodies in the sky – the Sun, Planets and Stars have tremendous energy, and astrology goes deep into the impact of these on each of our lives based on their position in the sky across different points in time.

The moon, being so close to Earth, expends great energy on us. Thus, each aspect of the moon has a distinct energy that we can utilize as we align ourselves with the natural planetary rhythms.

While each New Moon is a great time to set intentions, each Full Moon is an optimum time to manifest and be grateful.


What’s interesting to note is each New Moon and Full Moon takes place in a different sign, therefore enhancing different energies through the course of the year.
eg. January 2018 has the Full Moon in Cancer, which is a great time to connect with your emotions and bring them in balance, as well as to nurture yourself and others, allowing your inner child to express itself.
The New Moon in January 2018 is in Capricorn, which is ideal for wishing for success, security and reaching goals that you set for yourself.
My meditations will focus on aligning with the exact energies that the Full Moon and New Moon will bring.
Based on this information, I will share with you some guided meditations along with tips and tools on how to make the best use of the current Moon Phase – how the energies are favouring you and what you can do to remain in the flow of these energies. These meditations and tips will guide you as to what areas of your life you should focus on, and what you can let go of.
An Annual Subscription, from January to December 2018 is priced @ Rs.10,500 and will give you access to:
New Moon and Full Moon Meditations, featuring tips and tools on how to navigate through life by living in harmony with the cycles of the moon!
Also available on a 3-month, 6-month and 9-month package priced @Rs.1,000 per month!

The subscription will be shared over Whatsapp/ Email and can be accessed from any place in the world. For more information, please contact +91 99-30-071-962

Love and light,



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