Discovering your Life Purpose

Before we take birth into this wonderful world, our soul charts out a plan. This divine plan consists of goals and lessons along the way, and our soul is equipped with talents and tools to overcome the challenges that lie in the way of our soul’s destiny.

Each one of us is born for a purpose. We are all here for a reason. But are you aware of what this reason is?
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For one, your intuition never lies. Deep down, if you listen to your heart, it will whisper the answer. As a human, if you have the courage to acknowledge, accept and work towards this, you are on the right path for yourself. If you’re having trouble decoding what this plan is, a Soul Plan Reading will take you in-depth to discover not only your life purpose, but also the challenges and opportunities in your way that can help you move forward.
How can you empower yourself with the knowledge of your soul’s divine plan?
A few months ago, I received my international certification for Soul Plan Readings from the Holistic Healing College in UK. 
I recently completed another certification which allows me deeper insight into Life Purpose with respect to Relationships, Business Names and Name Overlays as well.
For the first time in India, you can avail of this unique reading that helps you align with your soul‘s true purpose!
Soul Plan reading is an in-depth exploration of:

  • Your challenges – both worldly (physical) and spiritual
  • Your goals – both worldly (physical) and spiritual 
  • Your talents – both worldly (physical) and spiritual
  • Your Soul Destiny
This brings you closer to:
  • Understanding your Life’s Purpose
  • Understanding your Soul‘s Plan and Destiny 
  • Acknowledging your Limiting Beliefs
  • Identifying Under-serving Patterns and Beliefs 
  • An overview of your Challenges and Guidance on how to overcome them
  • An overview of the Goals your Soul has planned for your Growth 
  • Overall Clarity on the reason why you are here, and how you can share your gift with the world
  • Clarity and Guidance on how to overcome challenges and nurture talents to embrace your Soul‘s true purpose
I got my Soul Plan reading at a time when I was very confused about my life purpose and path ahead. The reading was so accurate – it was as if someone had peaked into my soul and written down exactly what my challenges, strengths and talents are. It was definitely eye-opening and gave me amazing insights. I would recommend this once-in-a-lifetime reading to everyone to help gain some perspective on many things that we are unaware of. The meditation was very powerful too and helped me connect with my higher self in the context of my life’s purpose.”
– Testimonial from a Happy Client!
To understand the Soul Plan in the context of your Relationships or a specific Business Name, or to book a general Soul Plan Reading, do get in touch with me on: 99300-71962 or
Love and light always,

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