One of the Highest Forms of Healing Is Here! Angelic Reiki(®) Workshop in Pune

With great joy of working along with the Angelic Kingdom of Light, my dear friend Vanita Naval and I are excited to bring to you one of the highest forms of healing – Angelic Reiki!
Angelic imagery is in our collective consciousness with wings and feathers as
their symbols. What we do understand now through the teachings of Kevin and
Christine Core – Founders of Angelic Reiki, is that the Angels represent the Law
of Creative Energy in all forms visible to the world and to the metaphysical. They
are the Archetypes of Creation or the Cosmic Law and this is the basis of Angelic
Angelic Reiki’s basis of transmission is through the traditional symbols of Reiki
and its attunement happens through the Angelic Realm so that there is perfect
attunement to the Angelic vibration to become perfect channels for this energy.
There are four levels of attunement starting from Level 1& 2 till the Master
Teacher’s level and from the very first level, one can use Angelic Reiki for self,
others, distance healing and other methods. Several healing tools, knowledge of
Chakras, Symbols of Reiki, Laws of Healing and more will be shared in the
We welcome you to this very simple but immense knowledge which brings the
power to heal to your fingertips! 
Dates: 28th & 29th Oct, 10am – 6pm
Location: Koregaon Park, Pune
For more info: 9930071962, 9987096384

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