The Power of Surrender and Letting Go

Have you heard of the phrase Let Go and Let God?”
Chances are, we’ve all encountered, and will encounter at some point in our lives, situations where we feel stuck, stressed and helpless, or times when we want something so bad that we hold on to it super tight and refuse to let go. When things just seem out of control, yet we try so hard to cling onto our desires, thus reinforcing the feelings of attachment, stress and neediness. 
Did you know that one of the most common reasons why our desires don’t manifest is because we are so focused on the lack of that manifestation in our life?
When trying to manifest, the rules are: Ask, Believe and Receive. However, when we closely examine the Believe and Receive part of the equation, what truly facilitates our desires coming into fruition is the simple act of surrender and letting go.
Surrender = Complete acceptance of what is + Faith that all is well, even without your input.
When we “let go” and surrender to the greater good, we practice detachment, which in turn leave room for the Divine to intervene and bring us our desire, so long as it is aligned with the greatest good of all.
So how can we “let go” more? Here are 3 ways in which we can surrender to our Higher Self, the Divine, God, the Universe – whatever you prefer to call it! 
>> Surrender Through Prayer
Praying allows one to connect with this higher force and strengthens the faith that what you have asked for has indeed been heard and will be granted. A prayer is a conversation with the divine. Knowing that this divine force is there, listening to you helps strengthen the faith and thus brings us into a state of peace faster.
>> Know that You Don’t Actually Have Much Control
Most of the times life does not unfold the way we want it to. We have to understand the fact that we are not the ones in control of life’s events. We are not in control of even the minutest fraction of what happens around us but we still try to control and determine what will happen in our lives.This is what gives us anxiety, tension, fear and anger. We believe that things have to in accordance to the way we want them . And we actually believe that the world around us should manifest according to our needs and desires, if that does not happen, then something is wrong and this causes stress.
Though we have been gifted with the power of will, and we can apply our mind, body and heart to make the world conform to our wishes, this results in a continuous battle. When we are the winners we are relaxed and happy and if we lose we get disappointed and stressed. We only feel good when things go according to our will and way and thus we are always trying to control.
>> Accept that The Divine is in Charge! 
It doesnt make sense for you to worry, simply because worrying will never solve anything. Worry just adds stress and negativity to your situation. Your job is to ask, take inspired action, and leave the rest to this higher force. 
>> Expect The Best
As humans, our consciousness is limited, and we don’t always see the big picture. Yet, everything in the universe is exactly the way it is. Knowing that everything is in Divine Order already helps loosen up and be open to receiving. When it comes to receiving, know that only the best will come your way. Only when you expect the best, does the best come into your life, so focus on the art of “allowing” it to come.
In conclusion, a powerful quote that I personally love:
“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~Steve Maraboli
Love and Light, 

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