Archangel Chamuel – Angel of the Month!

We all know that an Angel is a being of pure light. Angels are spiritual beings of divine light, and messengers and helpers of God.

This month, we continue our series on Angel of the Month by featuring Archangel Chamuel!

Who is Archangel Chamuel?
Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, peace and harmony in relationships. Chamuel can also help bring you closer to all that is ‘of God’. This includes love, your divine life purpose, or anything material or tangible, as long as it aligns with God’s will for you.
His name literally translates to “He Who Sees God”.
He helps expand your heart chakra by filling it with divine love – which is the true essence of God.
What are the colours he is associated with?
Pink, Pale Green
These colours correspond with the colours of the crystals that are associated with the heart chakra




When to call on Archangel Chamuel
When you’re feeling lonely, a loss, or unable to feel love towards something or someone, is when you should call upon Archangel Chamuel. Extremely sweet, gentle, kind and loving, Chamuel embodies God’s divine love, which is unconditional and all-encompassing. When you feel broken-hearted or lonely and unloved, call upon Archangel Chamuel. 
Also, when you have lost something, call on Chamuel to help retrieve the lost item. This could be a physical item such as your keys, a book, or anything else. In case it is another kind of loss (a person, relationship), call upon Chamuel to help heal and repair the relationship, or to fill the void with God’s divine love, as the case may demand. 

the heart chakra.jpg


What is his gift?
Chamuel helps bringing in a state of peace and calm by helping manifest whatever it is that you are looking for, as long as it is in alignment with God’s purpose.
This powerful angel prevents the world from vibrating at the frequency of fear, instead, his goal is to spread more peace, love and harmony in the world.
Chamuel uses his vision to spot what you are looking for. Calling on him to help bring this to you often helps you find what you’re looking for. Stories of miracles performed by Archangel Chamuel include people manifesting jobs, lovers, friendships, as well as physical items such as wedding bands, books, or anything else that is of significance.
Chamuel also helps heal parent-children bonds, and any other relationships that are imbalanced or out of harmony, by clearing misunderstandings and filling the relationship with love and light instead. Chamuel has also been known to make people meet their soulmates.

archangel_cards_hr33.jpg     Beloved One.jpg


Affirmation to dissolve fear with Archangel Chamuel

“Dear Archangel Chamuel, thank you for guiding me to find what I’m looking for, which includes [give specific details about your search].



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