#AngelofTheMonth – Archangel Uriel!

archangel_cards_hr9_0.jpg(Image: Doreen Virtue)
#AngelOfTheMonth – Archangel Uriel 
We all know that an Angel is a being of pure light. Angels are spiritual beings of divine light, and messengers and helpers of God.
This month, we continue our series on Angel of the Month by featuring Archangel Uriel on the blog!
Who is Archangel Uriel?
Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Wisdom. He is often depicted with a book or a scroll – representing wisdom, or a torch representing the flame of God – which in turn stands for truth.
What are the colours he is associated with?
Uriel is connected with the colour Yellow. 
What crystal or gemstone is he associated with?
You can connect with Archangel Uriel using Amber. Holding the crystal in your hand and focusing energy from your third eye onto the crystal will help in connecting with this powerful Archangel.
What is his gift?
Archangel Uriel, being the Angel of Truth & Wisdom, brings in ideas, epiphanies, insights and helpful information.

When can I call on him?

You can call on him during business meetings or while studying, writing, or during any intellectual and creative pursuits. 

His insights provide solutions to problems, so think of it like a relationship where you ask for advice, and Uriel communicates through the thoughts that come up in your mind once you have asked for help. Remember – it is essential to ask him for his help and guidance. Be open to receiving his answers through sudden insights, thoughts, songs that may come up on the radio, random messages that may come forth, or any other way that this powerful Archangel sees fit. Be open to receiving the answer that you seek, and Archangel Uriel will be sure to deliver it to you!

Prayer to dissolve fear and receive the solutions to  with Archangel Uriel
“Dear Archangel Uriel, please help me focus my mind and receive all of the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that I need, specially with regard to this situation that I am in right now regarding ________ (describe the situation).”

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