Save The Date for our Prosperity Workshop!


Did you know that the key to an abundant, prosperous life lies within you?

In our upcoming mini-workshop at Le15 Cafe, veteran healer and founder of Seemaa Dhingra Holistic Healing, Seemaa Dhingra will share some tools with you, which will help you manifest great abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life!
The workshop will cover the following:
1) Rituals to Enhance Prosperity
2) Symbols for Prosperity
3) Abundance Checks
4) Switchwords
5) Mantras and Prayers
6) Crystals
7) Group Manifestation
and more!
Date: August 21st
Time: 3:30pm – 6pm
Venue: Le15 Cafe, Colaba
This includes:
  • A Hot Beverage and a Savoury Snack (Half-Sandwich or Half-Waffle)
  • Printed Notes
  • Set of 4 Crystals
We promise you an afternoon well-spent with some powerful techniques on how to bring more prosperity into your life!
To register, get in touch with Seemaa Dhingra on or +91 99-30-071-962

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