5 Common Tarot Myths – Busted!

tarot.jpg(Image Source: TarotLive)

Tarot cards are used for two purposes and two purposes only – to get guidance, and to get perspective. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our own emotions that we are not able to take a confident decision. It is during times like these that I recommend a Tarot reading. Here are some common myths associated with Tarot cards, along with the truth (in my opinion) about what they are actually all about!


Myth #1 – Never Buy Your Own Tarot Cards 

Another common myth associated with Tarot is that someone should gift you a deck of cards, and that you should not buy one on your own. Waiting helplessly for someone to ‘know’ that you want a deck is quite silly. In my opinion, if you feel inspired, always take the necessary action instead of waiting around for things to just ‘happen’. If you feel drawn, go check out a few decks, and choose the one you are most drawn to!


Myth #2 – Tarot Cards can Predict the Future

Nobody can predict the future, because the future depends on so many different things! The tarot reader will only pick up on the energy that your higher self allows. While Tarot cards never predict the future, they do reveal different possibilities of your future, given the different paths you can go down.

The future isn’t set in stone – it is energy, and manifests based on your choices. Tarot simply lays out those options for you, serving as a strong tool for guidance!


Myth #3 – Tarot Cards are Magic 

Often there is a lot of fear and fearful associations with Tarot – that they are magic. This is not true! Tarot decks consist of illustrations and words and numbers, each with associated meanings and a particular context (there are many versions of Tarot decks. The Rider Waite is one of the most commonly adopted ones). If you’re holding a deck of Tarot cards in your hand, you can rest assured that they are not to be feared, but embraced as a tool for guidance and healing – something that helps empower you to make a sound decision, not something that should be feared.


Myth #4 -Reversed Cards are Always Bad 

For those of you who don’t know, when a Tarot card comes up during a reading and if it is upside down, ie.  reversed, the meaning of the card changes. This, however, does not mean that something bad is about to happen. It just means that the card that has come up has to be interpreted differently than if it was upright.



Myth #5 – Tarot Cards Can’t be Read Over the Phone

This is not true! I know of so many healers and Tarot readers in the healing community that read cards over the phone, or even online! There are tons of websites and even apps that help facilitate a reading. As long as the reader is able to connect with your energy and with that of the cards, it is not necessary to be physically present.


Overall, Tarot cards are very helpful as guidance tools. Going to a reader you can trust makes the process all the more sacred, allowing you to gain a different perspective and therefore take necessary action based what the reader tells you.

To book a Tarot session with me in-person or over-the-phone, feel free to get in touch on seemaadhingra@gmail.com



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