11 Day Prosperity Workshop – Create Abundance in every aspect of your life! #Prosperity

What if you could manifest the perfect life – smooth sailing and highly abundant in all realms – rich in financial abundance, creative abundance, fulfilling career and relationships!
New Moon provides the perfect opportunity to set intentions, and to manifest.
There are some very effective energy management tools that can help you ride the energetic wave of the new moon in the best way possible.
My Prosperity Workshop consists of:
  • Meditations
  • Visualizations
  • Energy Management Techniques

– all aimed at teaching you how to manifest the life you desire!

This 11 day workshop is tailored to your individual pace, and can be conducted online or on Whatsapp, and can be attended from anywhere in the world. The workshop is geared at making you familiar with some tips and tricks that will help you manifest prosperity in every aspect of your life!
For more details, please contact: seemaadhingraheals@gmail.com, 9930071962
This new moon, remember to ask, believe & take inspired action to receive!

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