Awakening the Inner Goddess

A powerful workshop that awakens the goddess within to bring in a life of abundance, peace and harmony


We all contain a little piece of the Goddess within us.

Want to know something super powerful & liberating?

You can access this power to awaken and transform you. 

Honoring and connecting to the divine feminine is an act of worship not only to oneself, but also to the divine mother- the essence of all creation, and the God of your own distinct understanding of the universe. In this world, the magnificent power of the divine feminine has been misunderstood, so much so that women themselves are out of touch with their own Shakti, the force and flavor of feminine strength and love.

By re-awakening this Shakti, you will be able to lead a more creative, fulfilling and rewarding life. The first step you can take is to embark on this inner journey to connect with the Divine Feminine.

I have been divinely guided to create a workshop designed to awaken the latent power of the feminine energy (Shakti). Facilitated by me, Seemaa J Dhingra, this workshop is broken into a series of 4 workshops. You can register either individually (for any one part of the series) or for all four together. In each workshop we will be working with four Goddesses and each Goddess will be explored in depth. There will be introduction, followed by information on their myths and expansion on their stories, and as you work with them you will be able to know which Goddess you need to invoke and embrace. As we start working with them they will show us the sacred powers within us, which are aspects of our own unique self.

The intention of this program is to help you open the layers of your soul and personality that are related to the different Goddess energies so that you can invoke them and receive their gifts. The connection with them will help you recognize the shadow aspects and you will be able to access their power to awaken and to transform you, it will help you to learn how to develop admirable qualities that lie dormant within you. By knowing the means to relate and interact with different archetypes will allow you to deepen your relationships. You will be able to lead a more creative, fulfilling and rewarding life when you embark on this inner journey!

 Part 1 of the Workshop 

Dates: 28th March to 5th April 2017

The Goddesses we will be working with

1 Mahashakti (the great Goddess) 2 Durga 3 Sita 4 Mother Mary.


Part 2 of the Workshop 

Dates: 24th June to 3rd July, 2017

The Goddesses we will be working with

1 Saraswati 2 Laxmi 3 Radha 4 Brigit


Part 3 of the Workshop 

Dates: 21st September to 29th September, 2017

The Goddesses we will be working with

1 Kali 2 Bhuvaneshwari 3 Parvati 4 Tara


Part 4 of the Workshop 

Dates: 18th January to 26th January, 2018

The Goddesses we will be working with

1 Lalita 2 Savitri 3 Quan-yin  4 Maat

The energy exchange can be deposited into the bank account. Please send an email on to register.

This workshop is designed to be conducted remotely and will be conducted through Whatsapp/email and can be attended from anywhere in the world!


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